Account and Payments
  1. How do I subscribe using In-App-Purchases?

    To subscribe to NOW Music in-app, simply tap the “Start free trial” or “Get Premium” button on the “Subscribe” page, and then follow the Google Play / iTunes / Amazon instructions.

    Subscriptions are automatically recurring and your account will be charged for a renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your current subscription.

  2. What is the difference between Unlimited Access and Free account?

    We have two plans for you to enjoy music:

    With Unlimited Access, you will get on-demand music to soundtrack your life - the latest NOW albums and chart music at your fingertips! Enjoy your listening experience ad free with unlimited skips, extensive search categories to always find the perfect tunes, and an option to listen offline when you have no connection by saving songs to your Library. With Unlimited Access you can use all these awesome features including fun lyrics to accompany your favourite songs, a broad selection of artists for you to unlock and a personalized Chart playlist created specifically for you. Let NOW Music help you create new memories and enjoy old ones with all your friends and family. Start a one month free trial today and keep your full access for only £4.99 per month thereafter, cancel anytime.

    With a Free account, you get access to all the NOW Radio stations, including our flagship NOW Radio station with all the current chart hits. Set the mood and enjoy your favourite music, whether in the gym or doing the housework. You can also explore the entire NOW Music library, get a look at the tracklists and shuffle play your favourite albums.

  3. How do I redeem a gift card or a voucher code?

    You can find amazing offers with NOW vouchers and gift cards. The difference is that a gift card gives you access to the app for a certain amount of time and a voucher code can reduce the subscription price.

    Both gift card and voucher codes can be redeemed on (you will be redirected to create a new NOW account, but you can also log in with an existing one).

  4. Can I share my account with my friends and family?

    You can enjoy your listening experience together with your friends and family. However, each account is intended for individual use and music can not be streamed on two devices at the same time.

  5. Can I use my account on multiple devices?

    You can use your account on up to 3 different registered devices and trust the NOW Music app will provide your favourite music on each. On a second or third device, you can access your previously unlocked artists and the online playlists you have created, and save a whole new set of your favored songs. To manage your devices, go to “Settings” > “My Devices”.

  6. I have forgotten my password, how do I retrieve it?

    If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry! Simply tap the “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the “Login” page and we will send you a password reset link.

  7. How do I change my NOW account details?

    To change your account details, go to “Settings” > “My details” , make the changes you want and then tap “UPDATE DETAILS” to save the changes.

    You can also change your account details by logging in to your account here and clicking “Edit Details”.

  8. How do I change my password?

    To change your password in app, go to “Settings” > “My details” > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Change your password > Tap “Update Password” > “Confirm change” by entering your current password.

    To change your password via the website, log in with your NOW account here > Go to “Change password” > Enter your current password and your new one and click “Change password”.

  9. How do I disconnect my account from Facebook?

    To disconnect your Facebook account from your NOW Music account, log in to Facebook here, then access Settings > Apps, locate the NOW Music app and click the “X” button next to it (or select it and click “Remove”).

  10. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    In-app, go to “Settings” > “Push Notifications & Email Newsletter”, toggle the switch to turn it off.

  11. How do I cancel my subscription?

    It’s really easy to cancel your subscription with the NOW app. Don’t forget that once you cancel, you will have access to all the premium features until your current billing cycle ends. Once your premium subscription ends, you will remain to be a part of the NOW family as you will have a free version of the app.

    To cancel your subscription, please identify the platform you used to subscribe to the app . You can view the store that was used to purchase your subscription on the Settings page of the app. Was it on the NOW website or on the mobile (iOS, Android or Amazon)?

    • Android. Open up your Play Store application on your phone or tablet, then open the left hand menu (next to the Search field). Tap “Subscriptions”, select the NOW app and tap “Manage” - you will see an option to “Cancel Subscription”.
    • iOS. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad, tap “iTunes & App Store”, tap your Apple ID, access “Manage Subscriptions” and turn off the NOW Music subscription.
    • Amazon. Login to the Amazon website here with the Amazon account that is associated with your subscription, go to “Your Account", and select “Apps and more” under the “Digital content and Devices” section. From the menu on the left, select “Your Subscriptions”, then turn off the auto-renewal for the NOW Music subscription.
    • Website. Go to your account page here log in and find the `Cancel” button. Upon clicking it, you will be redirected to the Feedback page and after completing this final step then your subscription cancellation will be confirmed.

  12. I can’t seem to find my subscription even though I’m subscribed. What should I do?

    If you can’t find your subscription status on your Apple or Android device and/or your account on the website states that you have no active subscription, it’s likely that you have another account associated with NOW Music. We’d advise you to check your email, perhaps you are using another account. We recommend checking if you have an account connected to Facebook as well. You are always welcome to reach us at, we are here to help.

  13. How do I change my payment details?

    You can change your payment details that are used to pay for your NOW Music subscription depending on the platform you have used. You can view what store was used to purchase your subscription on the Settings page of the app. If you signed up for your subscription via the NOW website, simply access your account page ( and, after you log in, you will be able to see the payment information that is currently used and to manage it.

    Alternatively, you can find information about how to :

    Manage the payment details associated with your Google Play account - here
    Manage the payment details associated with your Apple ID - here
    Manage the payment details associated with your Amazon account - here

About the App
  1. What is NOW app?

    We are a family-friendly music app that allows you to enjoy music anywhere, any time at any moment. Create more memories with the NOW Music app and start listening to your favourites. You can enjoy any of the NOW Series, exclusive NOW playlists, and NOW Radio stations for any mood or even your own custom NOW playlists.Try out the Unlimited Access plan free for 30 days, and only £4.99 per month thereafter. You can cancel your subscription anytime and you will remain to be a part of the NOW family as you will have a free version of the app.

  2. Why does the free version of the app have ads?

    Watching ads generates a small revenue that sustains our app and allows us to continue creating an app you can rely on. If you want to get rid of the ads, you can upgrade your account and activate an unlimited access subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

  3. An album was removed from the Home page, where can I find it?

    The albums on the Home page are sometimes replaced by new popular releases or albums to match the perfect mood for the current season. The NOW content constantly rotates, so the album that you are looking for could come back in the future.Try to search for the album by name in the Search section of the app.

  4. Why are there songs missing from playlists when compared to the original NOW albums?

    We are always working to add new tracks to the app and we try our best to make sure the NOW albums are as close to the original as possible. However, some artists don’t always license their tracks and it may take some time until we obtain the necessary licences. Just keep an eye on the app, more tracks will be added on a weekly basis!

  5. How do I control the music playback?

    You can play/pause, skip tracks forward and backwards and scrobble through songs with the standard controls. Additionally, you can enable Shuffle mode (crossed arrows icon) to mix up the songs playing next, enable Repeat All (circling arrows icon) to play a certain playlist infinitely, or Repeat One (circling arrows with a “1” inside icon) to repeat only the track that is currently being played.

  6. How do I unlock an artist?

    Enjoy discovering new artists or listen to your favourite one! After your first month of subscription, you will be able to pick your favourite artist’s catalogue to listen to whenever you want. Additionally, you can unlock even more artists by listening to music and getting listening points. Your milestones are easy to track in the Unlock Artists section.

  7. How do I save a song to my device?

    To save a song, just tap the Star button next to your preferred track. You can add it to your Offline Library or to a unique NOW playlist personalized by you!

  8. How do I access my Offline library of saved songs?

    Within your Offline library, there are saved songs that you can play while your device is not connected to the internet. These songs are stored to a special location in your device’s memory, so they can’t be accessed outside the NOW app or from another device. By uninstalling the NOW application, the offline library is erased so we recommend you make an online backup copy of it, in case you need to uninstall the application.

  9. How do I access my Online library of saved songs?

    Your Online library consists of up to 50 customizable playlists that you can fill with unlimited songs. These are backed up on your NOW account, so you can easily access and manage these playlists from any device that you log in to.

  10. How long can I access my Saved Songs for?

    Your saved songs will be at hand as long as you have premium unlimited access.

  11. Can I import my music library to the NOW Music app?

    The NOW Music app is a fun way to soundtrack your life using a large variety of songs from the NOW Music catalogue collection. As the app only plays music from this service, you won’t be able to import music from other apps or libraries.

  12. What do I get with NOW Chats?

    NOW Charts is a great way to never miss out on the latest hits. You get the finest selection of tracks, updated every Friday, whether you feel like sitting back and relaxing with the 'Chillout' chart, or get the groove on with 'Dance' ! Check out 'Trending' to see what songs are the most popular in the NOW app, or head to “My Chart” for a personalized experience based on your listening.

  13. What is My Chart?

    The “My Chart” section is a chart playlist that we build specifically for you, based on the top tracks that you have listened to in the NOW app. It contains all your favorite listening, and it’s updated on a weekly basis. Listen to more music to get a greater variation of your chart each week.

  14. Can I share NOW Music songs over social media?

    Currently, this feature is not included in the app. However, we are always looking for ways to improve it. Please send us your thoughts and suggestions at

  15. Where do I find the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?

    Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are available in app by opening “Settings” Scroll down the page until you reach the section “General” > “Legal”.

    Alternatively, you can review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy below:

    View Terms & Conditions (link)
    View Privacy Policy (link)

  1. Can I play music without an internet connection?

    You can save your favourite songs offline and enjoy your listening experience, even when you lose connection on your commute.

  2. What devices can I get the NOW Music app on?

    The NOW Music app is currently supported on mobile devices (tablets included) and smart TV:

    • Android devices with a minimum operating system version 5.0 (Lolypop)
    • Amazon Fire devices with a minimum operating system of Fire OS version 5.0
    • iOS devices with a minimum operating system version 10.0
    • Android TV and Amazon Fire Stick

  3. Is the NOW app supported by my smart home system?

    You can connect the speakers of your Alexa / Sonos / Google Home via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, then play music from the NOW app on that device and use your voice for music playback controls : to skip tracks, change the volume or pause the music. However, for the moment, you won’t be able to fully use your smart home system with the NOW app.

  4. Can I use the NOW app with my ChromeCast?

    To stream music from the NOW Music app via ChromeCast, just make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same WiFI Network as your ChromeCast. Then tap the Cast icon (from the bottom left corner of the full screen music player) and select the name of the device you want to stream music to.

  5. Does the NOW Music app support Bluetooth?

    Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems connecting to your wireless speakers or headphones. However, how it works is subject to the device you are pairing with.

  6. How can I make sure my device only downloads songs over WiFi?

    We recommend you turn on the “Saving songs over WiFI only” option to prevent any excess data charges. To do this, go to “Settings” and switch the toggle next to “Download only on WiFi” to On.

  7. What audio quality does the NOW Music app use?

    Songs streamed via the NOW Music app are delivered in 2 quality formats:
    Over cellular (3G/4G) playback is 128 kbps
    Over WiFi playback is 256 kbps
    Your saved songs are stored on your device at 256 kbps

  8. What connection do I need to stream music on my mobile phone?

    To stream your favourite music over a mobile network, you will need a minimum 3G connection for a frictionless listening experience.

  9. Will the data cost me a lot when streaming music?

    This depends on your mobile contract with your network provider. We always recommend you check your data use limit with your provider.

  10. How can I contact NOW Support?

    If you have a question or a suggestion for us, the NOW support team is happy to help! Simply email us at or by going to “Settings” > “Feedback”.